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Woodinville High School Soccer Player Contract



To better our program and the student-athletes involved, the Woodinville High School Soccer Program has created this player contract. This contract is designed to set up clear responsibilities for the student-athlete. Please read these rules carefully so that both you and your parents understand what is expected of you.


In-school Rules:


            All Woodinville soccer players are expected to read the Woodinville High School handbook, including the student body rules. It is important that athletes understand their actions in school reflect directly back on the rest of the team. All athletes are expected to abide by these rules and lead by example throughout the school day.


1.  Athletes must be in school the entire day, which means arriving by 7:20 AM on each school day. If athletes arrive later than that or skip any periods of the day, they are ineligible to practice or participate in a contest that day. Note: Participation is permitted if the athlete has a valid reason for their absence or tardiness, such as a doctor’s appointment.


2. Athletes should lead by example in all classes. This means treating classmates and teachers with the respect they deserve. If an athlete is disciplined in school for any reason they are subject to discipline by the coaching staff as well.


3. A school detention will result in a one (1) game suspension. A school suspension will result in at least a multiple game suspension. Further consequences may be imposed depending upon the situation and will be discussed by the coaching staff, school athletic director and principal.


 4.  As a Woodinville High School Soccer player, we ask all student-athletes to treat their peers with respect in all their interactions. Hazing is in conflict with this ideal and involves activity expected of someone joining or participating in a group that humiliates, degrades, abuses or endangers them regardless of a person's willingness to participate. Hazing behavior/activity should be reported to the athletic director and will be subject to the discipline of our Woodinville High School Harassment Policy.


Soccer Practice Rules:


As a participant in the Woodinville Soccer Program, athletes should be committed and dedicated to attending practices and games. They should understand that their participation is a privilege, and not an entitlement, and that they have a responsibility to their fellow teammates in preparation for the season, and even more importantly during the season.


Attendance, consistent focus and positive effort at all practices and games demonstrate your commitment to the team.


1. Failing to report to practice, reporting late to practice, or leaving early from practice without a valid excuse*, will be counted as an unexcused absence. Two (2) unexcused absences will result in a suspension from one (1) game.


*To discern status of absence, the coach will use a note from a teacher or parent stating

Rationale for absence.


2. Every athlete must be involved in the cleanup and maintenance of our fields. Skipping out early to avoid these responsibilities will result in disciplinary actions. Multiple offenses will result in game suspensions.


3. All athletes will show respect for their teammates and coaches. Failure to do so will result in removal from practice. This is a three-strike policy. A third strike will result in the player’s removal from the team.


Soccer Game Rules


1. All members of the team must ride the bus/van to and from all away competitions for which one is provided (See website for these dates). Exceptions will be made through written parental permission and the approval of the coaching staff.


2. Failure to show up to a game 75 minutes prior to kickoff may result in a suspension for that game. Repeated tardiness will result in removal from the team.


3. Any athlete who will be late to a game must notify the coaching staff before that game, not while traveling to it.


4. Ejection from a league or non-league game will result in a minimum one (1) game suspension on top of the WIAA suspension.


5. All Woodinville Soccer Program players must treat opposing teams and referees with respect. Our program prides itself on integrity and any athlete who shows otherwise will be disciplined. Discipline may be removal from one or more games depending upon the situation.


6. Each athlete will be responsible for any equipment/uniforms assigned to him/her. Report cards and diplomas will be withheld until equipment/uniforms are returned, and fines will be issued one (1) week from the end of the season.


7. Athletes must respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. They are not perfect human beings, and bad calls are a part of many contests, no matter what level of competition. As an athlete in the Woodinville Soccer Program, players are expected to respect the officials and failure to do so can result in removal from the game, and possible suspension from future games.


Outside of School Rules


Athletes will be held accountable for behaviors outside of school and at school events. The use of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco, is a detriment to the user and their team.


1. If an athlete is found to be using, or with others using, or at a party with any of these substances, they will be removed from the team for the remainder of the season. Our concern is the safety of our athletes and student found using drugs, tobacco, and alcohol should focus his or her attention on getting healthy.


2. If an athlete, prior to being found to be using these substances, comes to their coach or athletic director and initiates help to overcome such use, the athlete will not be removed from the team, but will meet with the coaching staff, athletic director, and school counselor, to design a program for recovery.


3. Any athlete involved in a situation where drugs and alcohol are present is subject to the same rules as above. Our program is looking for dedicated athletes who are not going to put themselves and their teammates in bad situations.


 Academic Requirements


            Playing soccer for our program is a privilege and athletes must abide by Woodinville High School student athlete academic requirements. Our program has a saying: “family-school-soccer.” This means family comes first, then school, and finally soccer. It is important that we not only create athletes but student-athletes.


1. The Woodinville high school soccer program has a stricter grade requirement than the high school requires. Per the high school rules, any player who receives below a 2.0 as a semester grade in the semester directly prior to the season is required to sit out a set amount of time. The Woodinville soccer program will uphold this punishment, and during this time the player will not receive a uniform and will not warm up with the team prior to games. Upon completion of the school punishment if the player is failing a current class, he or she will be removed from the team permanently. If the same player tries out for the team the next season and again has failed a semester course, he or she will not make the team. If a player makes the team with no failing grades in the previous semester but fails a current class that will be subject to the following punishments:


a) Any athlete who falls below the schools GPA requirement to play sports will following the schools gyidelines as far as reinstatement onto the team. Please make sure that you look these rules up, they can be found at the following link.



Athlete, Coach, and Parent Communication


The Woodinville High School Soccer Program believes that the athlete, coach, and team are empowered to bring their best performance when effective communication occurs regarding what the team is striving to accomplish, and the roles of each participant are understood and agreed upon. If this level of communication does not happen, we encourage the student-athlete make the following steps of contact.


Steps of Communication and Points of Conversation for Student-Athlete

1.If an athlete has a concern regarding a coaching decision or the team environment, we encourage the student-athlete to speak with their coach regarding these matters.


            2. If the meeting with the coach does not resolve the issue then we ask the student AND the parents meet with the coaches to discuss the matter further.


            3. If after the parent/athlete/coach meeting the issue is still not resolved then the coach will ask for a meeting with everyone again, this time including the Athletic Director.


            4. At no time will the coaches respond to an email, phone call, or face-to-face meeting with a parent unless the athlete and coach have already meet to discuss the issue.


            5. Any emails the parents send to the coach about an athlete will be discussed with the athlete if the coach sees fit.


            6. If a parent wishes to discuss playing time with the coaches, the athlete and coach must meet to discuss the matter first, and then before the parent meeting, the parent must attend a full weeks worth of practices and games to get a fair judgment of their son/daughter compared to the others on the team.


            7. Parents are asked to not interact with ANY players and coaches once the warm-up for a game begins and during the entirety of the game. This ensures both the players and coaches do not get districted during this time.