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Welcome to WHS Men's Soccer


Junior Varsity


Nathan Click

Carson Dziuk

Landon King

Danny Lash

Ryan Mullaney

Phillip Paco

Tyler Rodshagen

David Rothberg

Carson Vache

Ryley Canda

Samuel Jacobs

Hayden King

Emre Onen

Alex Wilkins

Gerardo Manzano

Antonio Padilla





Shea Bowdish

Michael Carlson

Simon Day

Liam Duke

Alex Hill

Victor Ramirez

Paul Reyes

Miles Sanchez

Leo Speaks

Jordon Todhunter

Mantz Wyrick

Chendo Martinez

Andrew Robles

G.T. Bean

Alan Flores

Torin Frever



Special Notes:

If you make either the JV or Varsity team there is a mandatory team practice and meeting Saturday March 5th from 9-12am!


We play games over spring break. If you are going to be gone over this time you must let the coaches know during tryouts. 



If you are wondering what is is we as coach are looking for during tryouts, check this out.


1. All Players

-Attitude (are you coachable, do you get along with others, are you a team player, do you have composure under pressure, are you here just for fun or to win, what's your reaction to setbacks, how do you handle comments from peers and coaches etc.)


-Fitness (Are you in shape, do you have speed, are you quick, how fast does your mind work, can you hold your own in games, can you shield well, do you get pushed off the ball, how do you work once your legs are tired, general leg strength etc.)


-Skills (Dribbling, turning, passing on the ground, passing in the air, accuracy of passes, trapping, sheilding, communication about the game, passing to feet or space, reading the the game, crossing, finishing, defending as 1st and 2nd defender, etc.)


-Hows your head (are we gonna have trouble with your grades in school, can you take and give  criticism, how well do you pick up drills, do we have to repeat ourselves when explaining things to you, can you read the game and make the right run or pass, can tou talk the game etc.)


- For Attackers (How do you finish, shot selection, do you following up, noise for goal, desire to score, breakaway scoring, play in tight spaces, creativity, can you play with space, or hold the ball up etc.)


-For midfield (See the field, control the pace of game, distribution, defending ability and choices, do you have spacial awareness, cover for defense, overlap the forwards, can you link the back and front lines together, win the 50/50 balls etc.)


-Defense and keepers (Have that defensive mentality, tough, do not dive in, stand up players, work with a group, handle the the long ball, clearing ability, how do deal with crosses or corners, marking ability, how is your 1v1 defending, do you have the ability to make runs forward, are you calm under pressure, communication etc.)


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